Business Transactional


An entire subset of Davidson Law Firm’s practice for many years has been its business transactional work.

Transactional representation can take a myriad of forms: documenting an agreement, assuring title to property, advising clients on employment matters, filing for patents and trademarks, or even drafting policies and procedures.  An understanding of the practical implications to and special needs of the business is critical to successful representation, and no body does that better than Davidson Law Firm.

We invite you to visit our several pages dealing with particular areas of our transactional practice.  While this is by no means an exclusive list, we hope it highlights some of our busiest transactional practice areas.

Intellectual Property
Employment Law & HR
Corporations, LLCs & Partnerships
Finance & Banking
Real Estate Development
Construction Contracts
Oil & Gas

Not to worry if your area of need does not appear in this list—just give Davidson Law Firm a call to find out how we can help your business grow and thrive.



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