Contracts form the bedrock of all business transactions, and can take an almost infinite number of forms or cover an infinite number of subjects.  Whenever an important or costly transaction involves proper documentation, Davidson Law Firm stands ready to assist its business clients.

Davidson Law Firm knows just how imperative it is that clients understand not only the express rights and obligations conferred by an agreement, but also how that agreement should be properly drafted, and the rules by which it will be interpreted should a disagreement arise.  At our firm, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and we strongly encourage all clients to seek review, counseling, and professional draftsmanship of any important or legally-operative agreement.  What is done in writing on the front end may not later be undone once a dispute arises.  The crafting of a strong and secure agreement not only makes one’s position defensible in the event of a dispute, but it in itself lessens the likelihood of a dispute at all.

When and if a dispute involving contracts should arise, Davidson Law Firm is especially apt and prepared to protect the interest of our clients.  Our experienced commercial attorneys understand and daily apply the common law rules of contract, as well as the Uniform Commercial Code provisions, and are equipped to handle even international transactions.  Our clients include international businesses, lenders, producers, service providers, and a host of other business interests.  We have litigated everything from asset purchase contracts to partnership agreements, employment contracts to manufacturing agreements.

Should you have questions about a contractual negotiation, prior obligation, or potential litigation, you are encouraged to contact Davidson Law Firm’s experienced attorneys.


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