Finance & Banking

Davidson Law Firm has a longstanding history in banking and finance law.  Representing both banks and individuals or corporations in lending transactions, Davidson Law Firm takes development client from the precursory negotiation stage to closing the transaction.  We also specialize in representation of banks and other lending institutions with respect to transactional lending and litigation.

From a litigation perspective, Davidson Law Firm has handled complex inter-banking cases, employment law, foreclosure, director and officer liability, repossession, UCC financing, and all manner of lender liability cases. Our representation extends to both commercial lending and private banking.

From a transactional standpoint, Davidson Law Firm works with both lenders and developers on real estate development projects, helping to ensure that title is adequate and the financing transaction appropriately documented.

Whether you are a lender or borrower, we invite you to contact Davidson Law Firm and allow us to assist you with all of your lending and secured transactions.


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