Lifetime Planning

Estate Planning is the traditional term used to describe the process of establishing a plan for what will happen to your assets after you die.  Your life and situations change and so should your plan, we call this Lifetime Planning.  Your Lifetime Plan evolves as needed to accommodate changes in your life, health, family, and occupation or business.   Your Lifetime Plan should also evolve to accommodate changes in the economy, taxes, and other issues that may impact the desired outcome of your plan.

Planning for your future and your family’s future is something that you may have considered but never found the time to execute.  You may realize the importance of planning, but think that you can wait until you are older.  You may think that planning is for the wealthy or those who are married and have children.  Everyone can benefit from Lifetime Planning regardless of your wealth or marital status.

As a member of the WealthCounsel™ estate planning network of attorneys, Davidson Law Firm can provide complete Lifetime Planning services, regardless of your situation.  Everyone’s situation is unique and we take planning personally.  We work with you to counsel you on potential issues and develop a plan that accomplishes your goals.


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