Oil & Gas

In Arkansas, the recent development of new gas drilling and extraction technologies has opened a whole new field of legal practice in oil and gas.  Davidson Law Firm has expanded its practice to keep pace with this new technology, providing representation to landowners and business clients who may seek to profit from a burgeoning gas industry.

Davidson Law Firm has already successfully represented clients in the acquisition process, as well as protected the royalty rights of its clients.

Davidson Law Firm applies its decades of experience in condemnation cases to help landowners protect their property from wrongful condemnation for pipeline easements, or to maximize recovery for the property owner when condemnation is appropriate.

For those clients who are considering a mineral rights sale or even the purchase of property from which mineral rights may have been severed, it is imperative that they receive good advice on the rights they wish to sell, transfer, purchase, or retain.  Davidson Law Firm’s experience in oil and gas and long history with Arkansas property law is a perfect fit.


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