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Davidson Law Firm is proud to offer one of the State’s best-respected construction law practices with our team of real estate lawyers in Arkansas. From acquisition of real property, development closing, title work or problems, condemnation, zoning representation, bonding, construction contracts, or litigation following a real estate development or construction project, Davidson Law Firm has your needs covered.

The importance of Davidson Law Firm’s practice to our clients lies not only in the numerous articles published or courses taught by its attorneys, but also in its practical experience with all levels of real estate development.  Our firm boasts three decades of experience shepherding projects from the pre-planning and engineering development phases through organization formation, contract development, financing, construction, subdivision, title clean-up, and any litigation resulting from construction defects, liens, late completion, and incomplete work.

Because the penumbra of construction and real estate is so vast, our site is divided into the following subsection:

Construction Contracts
Real Estate Development
Oil & Gas
Commercial Litigation

Please click on the links above to explore specific areas of our construction law practice or read more about our real estate lawyers in Arkansas.  We hope to develop your next project together.


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