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Improving Your Role as a Custodial Parent

Improving Your Role as a Custodial Parent  Being a custodial parent means being the parent with whom your child spends more than 50% of their time. It’s a major responsibility that requires you to provide a stable, nurturing environment for your child. Because...

Legal Implications of Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction

Legal Implications of Surrogacy and Assisted ReproductionThe advancement of surrogacy and assisted reproduction technologies have revolutionized family planning and allowed individuals and couples to overcome fertility challenges. As these methods of family planning...

Estate Planning Strategies: Securing Your Family’s Future

Estate Planning Strategies: Securing Your Family’s FutureEstate planning might sound like something that only the wealthy need to worry about. After all, the average person doesn’t really have an “estate”, do they? In fact, estate planning is an important step in...

Real Estate Disputes: Effective Mediation

Real estate sales can often lead to disputes among the involved parties. To find amicable solutions, many turn to mediation– a process that fosters open communication, collaboration, and ultimately resolution.

Compliance Tips for SMEs: Staying on the Right Side of Business Law

Compliance Tips for SMEs: Staying on the Right Side of Business Law As small- and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, grow and thrive, knowing how to navigate the complex landscape of business law becomes increasingly important. Staying on the right side of business...

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Understanding Intellectual Property Laws for Small Business Owners

UNDERSTANDING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNNERSIntellectual property can be a tricky thing– and it’s something that most people might not think too much about until it becomes an issue. We’re here to remind you that you should fully understand the...

Differing Site Conditions: What You Need to Know

Differing Site Conditions: What You Need to KnowBefore the ground is even broken, every construction project involves quite a bit of planning and red tape. In order to build, a landowner must consult with engineers and architects to create a plan for the project that...

What is Real Estate and Real Property Law?

What is Real Estate and Real Property Law?Most of us are pretty familiar with the term “real estate”. Although we probably couldn’t provide a full legal definition, we all generally know what it means. “Real property”, on the other hand, is a less commonly-used term...

How to Be a Better Custodial Parent

How to Be a Better Custodial ParentDetermining child custody has the potential to be an incredibly stressful and confusing legal battle. The rulings made by the court are important legal decisions, but dealing with a highly emotional topic: kids. The ultimate goal for...

How Do You Push a Company to Pay for Construction Work?

How do you push a company to pay for construction work? It’s an unfortunate truth in the construction industry that clients don’t always pay within a reasonable amount of time. In fact, some clients might seemingly do their best not to pay you at all– even if you’ve...

Can I Cut Tree Branches That Hang Over Into My Yard?

can i cut tree branches that hang over into my yard?For people who haven’t dealt with neighbor disputes over trees and shrubbery, tree branches might seem like a really silly thing to fight about. They’re just branches, after all, and most of us go through our daily...

How Can I Contest a Will?

How can i contest a will?When you are facing the loss of a loved one, emotions can get high and tensions can rise. Families often struggle to process grief when someone dies, but often, along with the grief comes complicated financial matters and affairs. Your loved...

How Does the Adoption Process Work in Arkansas?

How does the adoption process work in Arkansas? Deciding to have a family is an extremely high-impact commitment that will affect the rest of several people’s lives. It is critically important to know the ins and outs of all the processes involved before making any...

A Complete Guide to Arkansas Property Damage Claims

a complete guide to arkansas property damage claimsHaving homeowners and auto insurance can be expensive, but you’ll certainly be glad you have it in the event that something catastrophic ever happens! Auto insurance is necessary for virtually everyone, because...

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