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Divorce Dilemmas: Property Division in High-Asset Cases 

Divorce Dilemmas: Property Division in High-Asset Cases Divorce is inherently complex and often stressful. When high-net-worth individuals part ways, the intricacies of property division reach a whole new level. High-asset divorce cases are associated with many unique...

A Practical Guide to Estate Planning

A Practical Guide to Estate PlanningEstate planning is a fundamental step in securing your financial legacy and ensuring a smooth transition of your assets to your loved ones, in the event of your death. However, estate planning can get complicated, especially if...

Legal Tips for Succession Planning in Family Businesses

Legal Tips for Succession Planning in Family BusinessesToday, the term “succession” is more closely associated with a popular TV show than its actual definition. However, understanding how succession works within a business can help to prepare you for succession...

Getting a Company to Pay for Construction Work: What You Can Do

Getting a Company to Pay for Construction Work: What You Can DoGetting a company or client to pay for the work you’ve completed can be a frustrating challenge, and it exists across almost every industry. Unfortunately, it’s particularly prevalent in the construction...

Improving Your Role as a Custodial Parent

Improving Your Role as a Custodial Parent  Being a custodial parent means being the parent with whom your child spends more than 50% of their time. It’s a major responsibility that requires you to provide a stable, nurturing environment for your child. Because...

Legal Implications of Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction

Legal Implications of Surrogacy and Assisted ReproductionThe advancement of surrogacy and assisted reproduction technologies have revolutionized family planning and allowed individuals and couples to overcome fertility challenges. As these methods of family planning...

Estate Planning Strategies: Securing Your Family’s Future

Estate Planning Strategies: Securing Your Family’s FutureEstate planning might sound like something that only the wealthy need to worry about. After all, the average person doesn’t really have an “estate”, do they? In fact, estate planning is an important step in...

Real Estate Disputes: Effective Mediation

Real estate sales can often lead to disputes among the involved parties. To find amicable solutions, many turn to mediation– a process that fosters open communication, collaboration, and ultimately resolution.

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How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in Arkansas?

HOW DOES WORKERS' COMPENSATION WORK IN ARKANSAS? Workers’ compensation laws are taken seriously in the state of Arkansas. They were created to ensure that employees injured on the job are taken care of and not subject to penalties from their employers while seeking...

How does paid family leave work in Arkansas?

HOW DOES PAID FAMILY LEAVE WORKS IN ARKANSAS? A new child’s arrival in a family can be a truly overwhelming time– especially considering the complicated family leave laws that exist across most of the United States. In fact, the United States is the only OECD country...

Should I Make an Online Will?

should i make an online will?   Making a will can be an uncomfortable subject, and it’s one that people tend to avoid thinking about. After all, it’s a reminder that someday we will die– and considering our own mortality just feels like a little much, some days....

How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Construction Lawyer

How to know when it's time to hire a construction lawyer If you’ve worked in the construction business in any capacity, you’re well aware that things can get very complicated very quickly– and those complications can quickly turn contentious.  Anyone who works within...

How to Avoid a Complicated Estate Settlement

How to avoid a complicated estate settlement A pervasive myth surrounding the issue of estate settlement is that you have to be old, or rich, to put together a will. In fact, everyone should have some kind of will or estate plan in place, no matter what age they are...

Employment Law

employment law Employment law is a very broad term that encompasses virtually every aspect of the relationship between employers and employees. The purpose of employment law is to ensure fair treatment, payment, and safety for employees. It also benefits employers,...

Items to Bring to a Divorce Consultation

Divorce is not an easy thing to think about. When most people walk down the aisle, they envision their marriage as something that will endure forever. But, as we see with the statistics on divorce, marriage is becoming increasingly more difficult to sustain over the long-term. If you do have to separate from your spouse, the divorce process will likely be among the most challenging experiences of your life.

An Overview of the Divorce Process in Arkansas

The divorce process of Arkansas is similar to the divorce processes of many other states. To complete a divorce, the parties have to follow numerous steps. If these steps are not completed properly, then the divorce cannot be finalized. In this post, we will go over the steps of Arkansas’s divorce procedure, one by one.

Understanding Related Party 1031 Exchanges

One of the most elusive issues in the subject of 1031 exchanges is the so-called “related party exchange.” A related party exchange is a type of specialized 1031 exchange which has its own set of rules and guidelines. Even experienced facilitators and attorneys can have a poor grasp of related party exchanges.

Employee vs. Independent Contractor under the DOL

In January 2021, very soon after President Joe Biden was inaugurated, the Department of Labor (DOL) withdrew a clarification to the employee vs. independent contractor distinction which was developed during the Trump administration. This proposed clarification was supposed to formally take effect on March 8, 2021. However, after being temporarily paused back in January, the DOL recently announced in May that the proposal has been permanently canceled.

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