Chapter 13 Reorganization

Although less frequently used than Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good option for individuals who may have assets that they would be required to liquidate in a Chapter 7 case, but which they do not want to surrender.  Like a Chapter 11 case, Chapter 13 requires the debtor to propose a plan to restructure his or her debts, and to discharge others.

There are limitations on the requirements of any plan, and in Chapter 13, a trustee is appointed to act on behalf of creditors in general and to ensure the plan is followed if confirmed.  Creditors have rights to object to their treatment under any plan, and to protect their security.

Davidson Law Firm has substantial experience working with both individual debtors and creditors in Chapter 13 cases.  Whether you come to us as an individual plagued by difficult financial times or a creditor facing potentially unfavorable treatment in Chapter 13, Davidson Law Firm can apply three decades of bankruptcy experience to help achieve the best possible outcome.  We have and do represent clients on both sides of the bankruptcy fence, giving Davidson Law Firm an uncharacteristically deep knowledge of the bankruptcy process.

Please visit with our attorneys at Davidson Law Firm about the specifics of your bankruptcy case.


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