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At Davidson Law Firm, we are uniquely positioned to deliver big-firm results with the service, attention to detail, and other efficiencies that only a small, boutique law firm can provide. Our attorneys are highly qualified to protect our clients’ legal and business rights through every phase of the business project lifecycle. Our in-depth knowledge of the commercial construction industry – combined with our reliable business counsel – means you’re getting efficient, effective legal solutions for all of your administrative, transactional, and litigation issues.

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Davidson Law Firm: Construction Law

Most people don’t realize how many moving pieces there are behind a construction project. Virtually all projects require at least knowledge of the process behind getting permits and complying with state and local building codes. Construction companies also have to comply with OSHA or they risk facing stiff penalties. And then there’s the process of finding, managing, cajoling, supervising, and paying the seemingly endless array of subcontractors on any project.

The Davidson Law Firm is proud to be a leading construction law firm in Central Arkansas. For 40 years, we’ve aided business owners and trades in overcoming legal and business challenges associated with commercial construction, including:

  • Defending clients against claims of defective work 
  • Ensuring clients are paid for their work 
  • Helping clients obtain the most favorable contract terms

Our construction law attorneys are experienced, skilled, knowledgeable, and provide quality representation with proven results. Our number one purpose is to protect our clients, their businesses, and their employees. We know you’ve invested money, times, sweat, and tears into your business, and we offer no less in return when we represent you. 

We represent both large and small trade contractors. When it comes to violations of construction law, we offer simultaneously reactive and proactive approaches. Our lawyers will walk you through the process step-by-step. If your company faces a legal dilemma, it is crucial that you seek counsel as soon as possible to prevent further complications. 

Construction Litigation

Construction litigation is a specialized field that requires in-depth industry knowledge. While our lawyers have a broad understanding of construction law in general, we also spend a lot of time dealing with the intricacies and nuances that make it so hard to navigate. 40 years in construction law means we can help you with:


We will review your contracts and advocate for the proper application and interpretation of the terms. Thoroughly reviewing and negotiating upfront can often cut off trouble at the pass. After all, you’re literally in the business of “contracting”! 

The attorneys at the Davidson Law Firm believe that accurately negotiated construction agreements can establish the foundation for a successful relationship with everyone involved in the project. We protect your business by thoughtfully reading and interpreting contract documents, advocating for your business aggressively, and obtaining the most favorable terms possible for your construction contract.


We will work to protect your lien and bond claims. If you did the work, you deserve to be paid. We have years of experience in helping you close the gap on those unpaid receivables – let the Davidson Law Firm help you get paid! 

Insurance Defense Claims 

Our defense attorneys work with clients accused of defective construction. We also defend claims after catastrophic events or everyday accidents. We work closely with your insurance carrier to defend you against erroneous claims and the wrath of Mother Nature alike. 

Bidding and Proposal Practices

Every project begins with a proposal or bid. It’s the first step towards an agreement – and a payday! The way you structure your bid can mean the difference between success and failure. You have to be able to reach an agreement on fair terms or your project can take a direct negative impact. We counsel our clients on best practices in bidding and agreements to help them nip trouble in the bud.

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At the Davidson Law Firm, we understand that you work in the field. The job site is your real office, the place where real work gets done. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves, visit the worksite, and scuff our shiny lawyer shoes. We are a hands-on construction law office with decades of knowledge and experience. We regularly visit project sites with the experts and consultants to complete site inspections and accurately assess the facts of your case.

If you have questions about construction law in Arkansas, or you think you may be in need of a construction law attorney,contact the Davidson Law Firm online, or call:

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