Family Law

The term “family law” broadly describes the legal framework that regulates marriage and family relationships, including:

Grandparent visitation

It is the one area of law that virtually every person will have to deal with at some point. That experience can be stressful, financially and emotionally, as you’re thrust into the public eye. A good family lawyer must be able to balance the legal aspects of your case with the emotional and psychological toll it can take on their clients.

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Family Law in Arkansas

Most people picture ugly divorces when they hear the words “family law,” but a good family lawyer should help you minimize conflict and negotiate an understanding that helps you keep or restore your relationships when possible. Family law is about protecting what matters most – your family.

We serve Arkansas families by pursuing reconciliation-driven solutions and using de-escalation tactics whenever it’s possible and appropriate.

Arkansas family law issues like child custody, divorce, guardianship, and child support can be difficult to navigate on your own. It’s important that you choose wisely when you’re looking for a family law attorney in Arkansas.

Divorce in Arkansas

According to Arkansas divorce law (Arkansas Code Title 9–Family Law–Subtitle 2–Domestic Relations–Chapter 12), in order to receive a no-fault divorce, you and your spouse must live separately for at least 18 months or come to an agreement out of court. However, if you have not lived apart for 18 months, or are not able to come to an agreement, the court will determine whether relevant grounds exist for a fault-based divorce. A fault divorce is often difficult to prove and requires proof like alcohol or drug abuse, adultery, or felony conviction against one partner.

Even if you’re filing for a no-fault divorce, it’s wise to have a divorce lawyer help you draw up the terms to ensure that you and your spouse are both protected financially. The best intentions can still lead to disastrous consequences if you forget to stipulate how the house or cars or retirement funds will be divided. A good divorce lawyer can help you complete an amicable negotiation and divorce settlement.

Child Custody in Arkansas

If you have children, you will be required to file a custody agreement upon divorce. If you cannot come to a custody agreement, an Arkansas child custody judge will make the decision according to the child’s best interests. Judges are not allowed to make decisions based on the sex of the parents or of the child – meaning a father’s rights should be considered as equally as a mother’s. The main goal of a good child custody attorney should be to find a way to settle a joint custody agreement that is in the best interests of the child. If this cannot be achieved, the courts will decide which parent will be granted sole custody and the other parent can petition for visitation rights.

Adoption in Arkansas

Adoption is perhaps the best reason a person has to visit an attorney’s office. Unfortunately, adoption is a legally involved and often lengthy process. A good adoption attorney can help you speed the process along a little. Depending on your agency and the circumstances of the case, your adoptions proceedings may include:

  • Petition for Adoption
  • Consent or Waiver of Consent
  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Certified Statement from the Putative Father Registry
  • Home Study
  • Child Study Report
  • Hearing and Placement

Even after placement, the adoption is not finished until the final decree is issued. The final decree is issued after the child has lived in their adoptive home for at least six months after the placement or six months after the adoption is filed (this does not apply to stepchild adoption). The final decree legally creates a parent-child relationship and the child is considered a blood relative of the adoptive parents from that moment on. It also severs all legal ties between the biological parents and the child.

Davidson Law Firm: Arkansas Family Law

Our firm is consistently working on strategic and successful cases from prenuptial agreements to custody plans. We at Davidson Law Firm know how to make the law work for you. We take the time to really listen to our clients and help them achieve their legal goals. We’ve handled hundreds of cases including complex divorces with business and property divisions, children from multiple families, common-law marriages, and visitation rights for fathers, mothers, and grandparents. We’re confident we can address any family law issues you may have.

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