For our commercial clients: Participation in a business enterprise will almost invariably lead to a bankruptcy courtroom at some point.  Whether your business is a creditor seeking to collect from another entity under bankruptcy protection, or hard times are facing your company and necessitating protection from large creditors, Davidson Law Firm is particularly well-equipped to shepherd clients through the Bankruptcy Code’s deep maze.

Davidson Law Firm has represented clients in some of the largest commercial bankruptcy filings in U.S. history, including In re: Hoffinger Industries, Inc., and more recently In: re: Chrysler, LLC.  Our firm represents both corporate debtors and bankruptcy creditors, and aims to provide efficient, goal-oriented representation. Davidson Law Firm’s attorneys include several that are very well-versed in Congress’ statutory bankruptcy scheme, but also a former United States Bankruptcy Trustee.

Our corporate clients can be comforted in Davidson Law Firm’s ability not only to handle standard business negotiations, defense of lawsuits and employment law, but also to tackle complicated bankruptcy issues when they may arise.

For our individual clients: While the idea of insolvency may be an unpleasant one for many, hardly a person has risen to financial greatness who has not suffered a period of cash-flow or solvency problems. Donald Trump, for example, filed for bankruptcy protection on behalf of various companies more than once. Recent events with the U.S. economy have taught that even seemingly invincible entities may effectively use bankruptcy as a breathing spell from their creditors.

The same applies to individuals. Whether personal income from a business has lulled, large lines of credit have been called, or a personal judgment or divorce decree exceed a client’s financial capabilities, Davidson Law Firm routinely counsels individuals on the advantages of using bankruptcy to manage assets and liabilities. Not all bankruptcies are alike, and the Code offers different alternatives for personal reorganization of liabilities, as well as for liquidation. Often, individuals can protect the assets most valuable to them from loss through garnishment, execution, or foreclose with bankruptcy assistance.


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